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Early in1933, Ford Porter was impressed to place a gospel tract in each home in Princeton, Indiana, where he pastored the First Baptist Church.

He contacted all of the tract agencies he could find and obtained samples of their tracts on salvation, though none of their tracts covered the subject to his satisfaction.

The Lord laid it upon his heart to write a tract. He said: "All right, Lord, if you want me to write a tract, You will have to give it to me." He sat down and wrote God's Simple Plan of Salvation. He prayed over the manuscript for several days, making very few changes, then took it to his friend, Dale Skelton, owner of the Standard Printing Company in Princeton.

When Brother Porter ordered 2,000 to be printed, Dale said: "Ford, I can print you 5,000 for very little more than 2,000. Why don't you increase the order?"

He replied: "Dale, 2,000 is enough. I understand there are 1,800 homes in Princeton. I want to place a tract in each home and I will have 200 left over. I can get rid of them, somehow."

Dale said: "You ought to let me print you more."

"No, Dale, 2,000 is all I'll ever need."

One can imagine the Lord smiled about that time, and said: "Ford, you just don't know how many you will need."

With correspondence to answer from his radio program, Brother Porter would enclosed a tract in each letter he wrote, knowing he had 200 tracts more than he actually needed.

Suddenly, he began receiving letters asking for additional copies of his tract...50, 100, 500, and so on. Soon, his 2,000 were gone.

He went back to Dale and said: "Maybe you ought to print me 5,000 after all." It was not long until he went back for 10,000, and 10,000 more...and larger quantities had to be printed as the requests continued to increase. Soon without solicitation, requests came for his tract to be translated into other languages as well.

Thousands have been saved through reading God's Simple Plan of Salvation. He was quick to give God all the praise and glory for raising up a soul winning tract ministry in answer to prayer.

  June 2020  
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